I am always happy to accept books for review consideration on this blog. However, there are several things that needs to be acknowledged before you send me an email at or send a review request.  Please note the following, as contacting me assumes you have read and agreed to these terms:


I prefer both physical and electronics copies.


My favorite Genres

  • Sci-Fiction // Mystery & Crime // Poetry // Fairy tales-Fantasy//Biographies//Horror//Romance // Manga

Genres that I would most likely not review

  • Epic Fantasy // Erotica // Religion //Satire//

*The other genres that I did not mention above might be taken into consideration.

I am open to participating in blog tours, Street team, all I ask is enough notice (at least 2 weeks) to read your book and prepare a post. Please note that I will not talk about books I haven’t read unless it’s in a sponsored post and this fact will be clearly stated to my readers.


* I would post a short review of your book here, as well as on Goodreads and my Instagram.

*I cannot assure that I will be able to review your book in a short time. It depends on the circumstances and conditions at that time.

*I will give my honest review in a respectable manner, because I really appreciate all the time and effort that goes into writing a book.

Note: I also have the right to decline reviewing your book. However, I will notify you with my decision.

At this time i am not accepting book for review


At this i have stop rating books for any other reason that i realize rating sometime doesn’t go hand in hand with what i thought about the book. Sorry no start until i get a grasp of rating without completing with my thoughts.

★★★★★ Will i read again?  YES, did I loved it? OF COURSE.  Would i recommend this book? YES, I have a FLAME the book so much. Would i  shut up about it? HELL NO

★★★★ Will i read again?  YES, did I loved it? Probably.  Would i recommend this book? YES,

★★★ Did i enjoyed the book? Yeah Was i moved? NOPE.

★★ The book was rather okay. I got through it, but did not really enjoy it.

★ I read through it, but I am not fond of it, and probably not my things

DN’F I just couldn’t get through it so gotta drop it. Sorry

Please give me at least 48 hours to reply your email.

Thank you so much for trusting me to review your book. And please don’t let my rating or decision discourage you. Regardless of it all, I think you are awesome for writing and publishing the book. So, keep writing!